System Series and
typical areas of application

System Series Typical areas of application
HA 24-000-00
PU rigid foam
Shutters, wall and roof panels, refrigeration and container insulation, sectional doors, hot water tanks, moulded parts and reefers
CE labelled open and closed-cell spray foam Insulation of walls and roofs
HI 26-000-00
rigid integral PU foam
Casing for technical equipment, décor, protectors and vents
WE 28-000-00
PU flexible foam
Seating, backrests and upholstered parts for the furniture and automotive industry as well as for the aviation and railroad industry
WI 27-000-00
PU flexible integralfoam
Arm rests, head rests, container jacketing, protective padding and technical parts for the household and the furniture industry
CO 21-000-00
Cold-curing PU elastomers from flexible-rigid to tough-elastic
Adhesives, coatings for containers, moulded parts and applications for the automotive industry

Systems for a wealth
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